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Dear All
2017 has indeed flown by - can't believe how quickly the days and weeks and months go by.
Thank you all for looking after our SIPP and Equity ISA's and for the good sound advice that you have given during the years.  None of us can indeed predict the future accurately and there are so many unknowns in our world that we would be very brave to try. Thank you for being there as a steady ship during often turbulent waters and looking after our financial needs.
Enjoy the festive season and all the best for 2018.
M T Dec 17

Thank you for the introduction and also for your time yesterday, It was really useful and you were clear, kind and patient – exactly what I needed.
L C Sep 17

Just a few things.
Again, I want to say thanks to you re the work you did with my mum and dads investment. Mum died back in January, ( she'd had dementia for along time and the time was right). I know she would have been proud with how resolute we were to secure justice, I had the resolve for that, the emotion too, but you brought the logic and kindness.
G C Jun 17

Thank you again for the lovely honest and frank discussion we had.  I never knew that finanical advice could be so easy!
E L Jan 17

Thanks again for your time and company yesterday evening – informative, reflective, reassuring and amusing all in one go……
It was great for me, personally, to get the reassurance that I do have a realistic opportunity of retiring (reasonably) comfortably in the near future and I will now try not to bother you until my contract approaches its end……
(If my frustrations get the better of me before then, it may be sooner (subject to approval at the highest levels.)
A S Sept 16

It was so good to see you to-day, thank you so much for a delicious lunch in very good company.  Thank you also for continuing to look after me in such a good fashion and I shall look forward to our next meeting (except that Christmas, New Year and probably my next two cruises will be accomplished by then!)  I’m sorry you have such a job trying to make me spend money but I’m afraid you can’t help an inbuilt cautious nature!
AU Sept 16

Thank you very much for taking the time out to visit on Friday Ian. You left us plenty to think about and it was helpful to discuss outside of the pure financial environment.  I will keep you advised of developments at our end.
P D Apr 16

Just a note to thank you for the meeting last Friday Nila. It is hard to believe it is six years since we first met and discussed the on-going strategy for the various pensions and investments I had at the time.  The help and advice you have given has been invaluable and more importantly the strategy worked enabling me to retire at 56!  Thanks again for the advice so far and we look forward to working together in the future. I can honestly say that we view you as a friend as well as our financial advisor.
M B Mar 16

Thanks again for lunch Ian, it's always pleasure to spend time with you; you certainly have a way of taking the pain out of making difficult decisions and waving goodbye to huge sums of money. 
D B Jan 16

Thanks for all of this Ian.  As you will have realised what you say is pretty much what I have in mind.  It is very useful to have someone spell it out so firmly which hopefully will make me get on with it quicker.   Thanks again and very good to meet you.  Will bein touch when I need something, which I am sure will be the case.
A R Oct 15

Ian, I have to say though that you are in part to blame for the fun travelling as it was you who gave me a good talking to about enjoying what I had worked hard for,  as I am still working it does mean the potential to do so is relatively good!
A G May 2015

I just want to thank you Ian, for all your help you have given to Paul and I over the past few weeks, both from making us feel comfortable at the outset in your meetings and going forward, more financially comfortable than we thought.I spent the last few years persuading Paul to bring in a financial advisor to sort out our financial affairs so the long wait, culminating in your visits with your light hearted humour but firm resolve has completely turned us around.I don’t think Paul realised that our financial affairs should be a 50/50 share, i.e. the good bits and bad bits but having laid it on the table and especially my being able to see where the money was going (and how much) has put everything into perspective.For the last few years I have insisted that we should downsize to take away the worry of financing a house too big for us really but now that the mortgage is paid and you feel that we are in fact in an ‘awesome position’ has really helped me decide it’s OK to stay in Old Knebworth.Thank you for that. I know I wasn’t at the last meeting when you were thrashing out the admin but I had complete confidence in you to flesh out everything and create a strategy for Paul and I to go forward with. Thank you again Ian – we look forward to working with you and seeing you again soon.
S W Apr 2014

Ian, I have just had the most enjoyable 55th birthday thanks to yourself and your team and I would like my sincere thanks to be put on file. As a result of our meetings and your advice I went against what every other advisor had told me ("if you have a final salary pension scheme it will not be bettered so do not change it") and this will make an enormous difference to myself and my family now and in the future. Not only did I receive an additional £50,000 Tax Free Cash but also an increase in my annual income from the Annuity and the benefit of a guaranteed uplift each year to offset inflationary rises. The monies arrived on the due date despite the efforts of the Company who previously oversaw my Pension Fund and I have been able to put the majority of my financial matters in order immediately. Thanks very much to both yourself and Vicki who I know had our interests at heart and worked very hard to ensure that all was brought to a speedy and satisfying conclusion. I would certainly recommend your services to my family and friends and should you wish me to speak to potential clients I would be more than happy to do so. Many thanks for your advice and I will be in touch shortly to discuss some other investment opportunities given that we are fast approaching the start of a new tax year.
N C Mar 2014

Action point one completed Ian, I retire from work on 11th April........I feel enlightened by your guidence. Will probably go to Sydney for a few weeks and then????
B S Jan 2014

Thank you so much for helping me with all this.  Ian, you are the first person that has given me a professional view and I feel....is not sitting on the fence but actually giving me solid suggestions and solutions based.
H P Jan 2014

It was great to meet and catch up and thank you for all your advice Ian. It is so reassuring that I have someone looking after my future financial health and it has been great to have been able to be so honest to you about my personal situation as this has such a bearing on my financial decisions. Thank you'.
S L Jan 2014

With very many thanks too for all your help and guidance throughout. Please give my thanks to Ian as well, he was so helpful and kind, which made it all so easy. I am truly grateful to you both.
M B Apr 2013

Due in no small measure to the guidance given by Ian at Adviceworks, I have enjoyed the most financially stable period of my life.
N T Mar 2013

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